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Why we think Jiminny deserves a place on this earth

Hi, I’m Shelley, part of the trio that founded Jiminny in the late summer of 2016.  The other two that make up our founding tripod are James Graham (he built it) and Tom Lavery (he envisioned it).

I mainly vented about why sales leadership was so hard.

Don’t misunderstand me, I loved being a sales leader, but there’s frustrating stuff.

I’d spend 30% of my week coaching but still felt like I couldn’t get close enough to my team’s performance to really help them. I had data everywhere but nothing meaningful that would make a difference to our end result and my team were frustrated with tools that got in their way more than they helped them.

Tom and I had led sales teams together for many years, he understood this better than anyone. 

At the start of our journey we didn’t know what we’d end up building, but we had a strong set of beliefs:

We believed we would bring visibility to sales performance so coaching was simpler, just like a soccer coach watching every member of the team play each Sunday.

We believed we would become part of a rep’s working day so they would breathe, eat, drink, sleep and use Jiminny without thinking about it.

We believed we would stop leaders drowning in ‘data quicksand’ and instead use data to make choices and change.

We believed we would unite teams and help them learn together. We often say “why learn at the pace of one person, when you can learn at the pace of a whole team”

And we believed it had to support reps to be the best they could be, the best version of themselves. No more sales robots stripped of their personality or sales people trying to be someone they’re not. Connection with others begins with being comfortable with ourselves.

So throw in some frustrations, add in a set of beliefs then stir together with the genius minds of Tom and James and the Jiminny platform is the end creation.

Jiminny is quite the mixture of awesome and crazy. Both James and Tom spent the first 12 months saying “I can’t believe what we’ve just built”. Some days said with delight and some days with despair.

Because it’s a hard path founding your own company, but when we hear that we’re helping customers in the way our beliefs guided us, it pushes us forward.

It makes you realise the beliefs that inspired you in the first place belong to others too, they matter, so our work matters.

Come join our journey and help change the world

We are helping sales and success teams reach their full potential. Giving individuals the opportunity to become the best version of themselves. If you are passionate, driven, and up for a huge challenge we’d love you to get in touch.


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Equity · Full-Time · Sofia · Engineering 


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