2021 Wrapped Up: Jiminny Highlights and Top Sales Trends for 2022


We’re nearly there—another year is coming to a close! It seems like each one goes even quicker than the last. As the year ends, I’m taking a look back at highlights from 2021 and looking ahead at what’s to come in 2022.

Our 2021 Highlights

  • The pandemic turned B2B selling on its head, accelerating trends that had already begun pre-COVID. Teams tried to replicate in-person sales practices through virtual means, scrambling to stay afloat while updating sales practices, ideal customer profiles and communication methods.
  • There’s still so much uncertainty about the future, but one thing is for sure: virtual selling is here to stay - either as a hybrid of in-person and remote, or purely remote.
  • At Jiminny, we’ve seen some amazing highlights in 2021 as well. These include being #1 in sales coaching consistently on G2, and achieving a CSAT score of 94.5%! We’ve brought a greater level of innovation than ever before by adding 4 CRM integrations, 8 new dialers, 4 new video integrations and 22 new features (plus 1 AWESOME new feature coming in January 2022 - keep your eyes peeled for it).

Some Top Trends for 2022

We’re genuinely excited about what’s ahead in 2022. Our ‘Top Six Sales Trends for 2022’ report recently came out and many of the trends we identified tie back to two main themes: the buyer’s evolving journey and the rise of virtual selling. But there’s much more to the story. 

Some of the top trends we found are:

  • Buyer centricity and personalization have become increasingly popular and are going to be even bigger in 2022. It’s essential for building connections with buyers and prospects for sales success.
  • The need for coaching is greater than ever. As the workforce grows and changes, one thing you can do is make your own team better. That’s at the core of what Jiminny does in terms of helping you improve and support your team.
  • RevOps continues to increase in popularity. That’s really the whole psyche of having a growth team: from Sales and BDRs, to Marketing, to CSMs. We see that level of collaboration as such a great success story in so many teams and businesses.

We dive so much deeper into each of the key trends in our report, which you can download from here.

That’s a wrap!

From all of us here at Jiminny, we’d like to wish you a happy, healthy holiday season. See you in 2022!

All the best,

Tom and the Jiminny team