8 Benefits Of Coaching Remote Sales Teams In 2021


COVID-19 has forced thousands of organizations around the world to shift to strictly remote sales.  In today’s virtual working environments, what makes a remote sales team succeed? Sales coaching is essential for your teams’ growth and success. And that’s why remote sales coaching should be adopted too.

While the basics of coaching are the same, many sales leaders can increase the frequency of their coaching and become experts in remote coaching for the changing hybrid workforce.

Better win rates and improved sales performance is unattainable without a well-planned sales coaching process.

With the latest coaching tools and revenue analytics, coaching practice is getting much easier to deliver. 

In the past few years, we have become reliant on using the most up-to-date technological advances to get the job done.

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To coach your teams remotely you need to understand how it can help win more sales

Here are our 8 benefits of coaching remote sales teams:

  1. You CAN now coach across many geographical locations with a  mix of employees working from home or office (1-2-1 or in groups)

  1. You CAN now coach at scale

  1. You CAN help to relieve feelings of loneliness or anxiety that arise when not being surrounded by people in an office

  1. You CAN create more opportunities for collaboration, open communication, and learning 

  1. You CAN produce accurate and meaningful reporting with analytics  to directly coach each rep and track progress

  1. You CAN improve your team’s productivity AND efficiency (without leaving your desk)

  1. You CAN implement smart capabilities that save time by automatically integrating the latest data into your CRM 

  1. You CAN enable access for CEOs, and other department leaders to have visibility AND accountability on all customer and employee interactions

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Sales leaders should ensure that reps are recording their prospect meetings. This helps the coach provide specific feedback to each of their reps and share best practice examples from other team conversations. This can help peer learning and saves time for the manager when finding key-learning opportunities. The recorded calls help the coach and rep see and understand what’s happening in a deal. 

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What are the challenges for sales managers who aren’t used to coaching remotely?

  1. When you aren’t communicating face-to-face with your reps you can’t always pick up on body language to interpret messages. This can lead to misunderstanding and frustration when delivering coaching.

  1. Coaching your team remotely can be interrupted by unavoidable distractions around your team. Doorbell ringing, children homeschooling, and lack of private work areas can be challenging to keep all motivated and focused.

  1. Reliance on a high-speed internet connection, with a good computer and tools to do the job well. 

Embracing remote coaching for your sales team could be the game-changer that turns your reps into sales superstars. Sales coaching makes the difference between a business that is surviving and a business that is thriving.

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