Fact vs. Fiction: Conversation Intelligence Edition


Conversation intelligence is still a relatively new term in the world of sales. And with so much information (and misinformation) available on the subject, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to clear up a few myths about how it works, who it benefits and how to get the most value from it.


FICTION: Conversation intelligence is the same as call monitoring

FACT: Call monitoring is the act of listening in during live customer and prospect calls, BUT conversation intelligence facilitates recording, transcribing, and analyzing calls. Team leaders and managers don’t have enough time to listen to live calls and they cannot be on two calls at the same time, forcing them to choose one call to hear. Conversation intelligence solves this issue by enabling leaders, managers, and team members to listen to as many or as few call recording snippets as desired to coach, collaborate, onboard, and grow together.

FICTION: Conversation intelligence software takes a lot of time and effort to set up

FACT: Contrary to what you might think, set-up and onboarding for conversation intelligence software is quick and easy, and technical set-up can be done by the platform's Onboarding Specialist in one 45-minute video call. During onboarding, the best suppliers spend time with your team to ensure they get the most from the platform and continue to provide support as needed. Doing so boosts the user's experience, the customer's overall value for money and the user adoption rate.

FICTION: Call recording software is only for sales teams and call centres

FACT: Call recording software started out as a tool for sales teams and call centres, but today conversation intelligence is useful for teams across your entire business.

This technology:

  • Facilitates things like coaching, onboarding, training, and forecasting for sales or revenue teams,
  • provides marketing with insights from the data generated by call analysis,
  • enables product developers to learn from the voice of the customer contained in call snippets, transcripts, and analytical data generated by conversation intelligence, and
  • keeps everyone on the same page by sharing key moments in the customer journey with those in your organisation who interact with the customer, including Sales, Customer Service, Customer Success, and Tech Support. This leads to better customer experiences and reduced customer churn.

FICTION: You must listen to hours of recordings to get value from them

FACT: Although conversation intelligence records, transcribes, and analyses conversations with potential customers, you don’t need to spend hours listening to entire calls. The technology saves you time by enabling you to easily search for specific moments and identifies which conversations or snippets of calls to listen to. Conversation intelligence extracts all the value from call recordings and serves it up as:

  • Coaching opportunities
  • Visibility into the entire deal cycle
  • Call summaries
  • Voice of customer insights
  • Visibility into how team members are interacting with customers
  • Best practice examples

And all this without spending hours prioritising which calls to listen to. You gain all the value with the minimum time investment.

FICTION: Sales leaders must do all the coaching

FACT: Conversation intelligence helps you incorporate more coaching into your day-to-day routine, but all that additional coaching doesn’t fall on the shoulders of leaders and managers. On the contrary, it takes the pressure off, by facilitating the coaching process for traditional coaches while enabling self-coaching and peer-to-peer coaching. This accelerates progress and gives team members more control of their own learning and growth.

FICTION: Call recording makes reps feel micromanaged

FACT: Call recording is the opposite of micromanagement. This technology actually gives reps more time, improves collaboration, demonstrates trust, and puts your team members in control of their growth and skills development. Plus, call recording makes life better for management by making it easier to locate and listen to key moments that reps want to be coached on.


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