How Can Sales Teams Use Conversation Intelligence Software To Grow Revenue?


As a sales leader, it’s important to stay up-to-date with the latest trends in technology that can help your business grow and team perform to the best of their ability. 

Since the COVID-19 pandemic hit, businesses have had to adjust to a new way of working - and fast. Sales teams vacated their desks and swapped the office for home. For most, adjusting to the new way of working has been achieved without much difficulty. 

But whilst your team may still be performing well, understanding how they’re going about their day-to-day and what is being said in those conversations is near impossible now that you’re no longer working next to each other. 

The good news is that there are a number of solutions that can help you get visibility over your entire team’s performance without having to listen to hours of conversations. These tools are known as conversation intelligence tools. 

Conversational Intelligence is software that analyzes your conversations to provide data-driven insights automatically. Conversations are recorded, stored, and analyzed at scale. 

To understand your customers, their pain points, motivations, and uncover the factors driving deals forward - conversation intelligence tools are the best out there to improve your sales team and convert more deals.

Equally, Conversation Intelligence is a two-way benefitting process. Sales coaching is difficult and time-consuming at the best of times. 

Thankfully, the call recording and analytics give you and your sales reps detailed insights into how to improve their calls. We’ve worked with many sales leaders that have adopted the Jiminny platform to help coach their sales teams or give to their reps for self-analysis and development. 

With conversation intelligence, your team can find quick and accessible ways to stay productive and grow. Calls can be shared, commented on and coached on the platform, and even fed to the CRM. This helps reps upskill much quicker. 

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7 Ways How Conversation Intelligence Helps Sales leaders?

  1. Capture and store all customer conversations. Get detailed insights into any part of your sales cycle. Meetings can be shared (by topics of interest or calls that need attention) in a fast and efficient way. Sales, product, and marketing teams can replay moments of the call for feedback on the product or service. 

The product team might review a call for feedback and decide what their next area for development should be. Listening to what the customer wants and needs is a great insight for the product and marketing teams.

Reviewing call recordings allows the call maker to understand how the call went, what they can improve on or reminds them what they should include on their next calls.

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  1. Gives full visibility during all parts of the sales journey. This includes cold-call, pitches, discovery calls, sales meetings, and negotiations. 

  1. Allows the sales leader or rep to listen back on calls. This is really helpful to refresh your memory of a conversation and gives you total focus on listening to the customer and what they’re saying during the conversation rather than making notes and not giving eye contact.

  1. Listen. Learn. Grow.  Fewer distractions by note needing to note take means the rep doesn’t worry if they miss out on something important. 

  1. Sales Managers never need to miss a call. This empowers your leaders to use their time more effectively. Conversation Intelligence enables the manager to playback a call faster, and use Team Insights analytics to decide which reps need more training or coaching.

  1. Reliable, accurate information. Hard data doesn’t rely on reps entering incomplete or inaccurate information that doesn’t paint the whole picture. As a consequence, forecasts and reports become more accurate. Dats=a can automatically be updated into your CRM so your company has a source of truth.

  1. Track your top performers. Share their winning conversations to help others analyze their calls and replicate their performance. Peer-to-peer coaching is great for team building. In team meetings managers can use a successful call as an opportunity to discuss why it went to encourage brainstorming and peer learning. It can also give more time to the sales leader by delegating training to other capable team members and then focus on other areas of the business.

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What challenges do sales leaders have if they don’t have Conversational Intelligence software?

  1. The pandemic means we have a loss of visibility on the sales floor. Call recordings with intelligence give you visibility over what’s happening in your sales team.

  1. If you can’t hear what your best sales reps did well, how can you give advice to your reps that need ways to improve? Sharing a winning call or a critical moment in a call with the team can help others learn and progress. 

  1. You never will have time to listen to all calls and provide feedback. With Conversational Intelligence you waste no time seeing the moments in a call that raise a red flag and need your help.

  1. Have a centralized source of truth with all customer conversations. Stakeholders, product, marketing, and sales departments all need access to up-to-date customer conversations with analytics if they want accurate data to improve products or services. Integration with a CRM is key to customer success.

How is Call tracking software different from Conversation Intelligence software?

  • Both will record your sales calls
  • Both allow you to share recordings with others. 
  • But Conversation Intelligence will capture the data from the call tracking and provide time-saving analytics and insights which will help you see the moments in the call that matter. You can use analytics to reflect on improving and coaching. This is a #gamechanger and saves you time!

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