The 10 best tools for remote sales teams


It’s March 2021, and remote working and endless virtual meetings are (for many) the norm. Sales Leaders have needed to adapt quickly to find alternative methods to manage remote sales teams. 

At Jiminny, we have been used to working in three different countries, with varying time zones since we were founded (USA, England and Bulgaria). In fact, two of our Founders (Tom Lavery and James Graham) have never spent a whole day working in the same office together!

Right now there are so many apps out there to make life easier for remote teams and it can be a challenge to find the right one. 

In this blog piece we will be revealing what we like about the following 10 tools:

  1. Slack
  2. Zoom
  3. Salesforce
  4. Google Workspace
  5. BombBomb
  6. Vidyard
  7. LinkedIn Sales Navigator
  8. Pitch
  9. Intercom
  10. Jiminny

Like most teams, we love using Zoom and Slack. They have been a lifeline for our employees to communicate with each other. However, like many other organizations, since COVID-19, we have found ourselves adopting new tools for work as our three office locations are no longer sat as a team in the same room. 

  1. The preferred tools we use for internal communication for remote sales teams are Slack, Zoom, Salesforce and Google Workspace

Our internal messaging method is Slack. We leave our inbox clear for the customer and/or supplier-only information. This helps us never miss an important customer message and we can separate external and internal communications.

Within Slack, we have various channels for different teams or projects. For example, there is a general Slack channel for daily news and focus. This is also where we celebrate important events or wins. 

In addition, we have a more light-hearted “random” slack channel where we share funny YouTube videos or amusing news from social media. It’s important to do this when remote working as if we were based together in the office we would probably be chatting about these things throughout the day and we need to keep a space for this. 

Another method to keep our teams connected is having a weekly watercooler talk via Zoom video. It’s here where we really get to know each other as people, rather than skilled workers.

We cleverly label one of our slack channels “Sales”. This is a private channel for the sales team only to discuss anything “sales-related”. It’s here where we communicate any real-time news of recent opportunities or deals won. Plus there’s a summary of quarterly new business closed/won by individuals in the team. All of this is automatically updated into the CRM Salesforce and full details can be viewed there which helps the team keep track of the pipeline.

Additionally, there is always WhatsApp, text, or picking up the phone for anything urgent or needs more attention. We need to stay in touch in a way that doesn’t mean operating solo.

Google Workspace is where we share folders, documents, calendars, forms, slides and is also what we use for our company emails. We often share documents with external agencies or others and find it easy-to-use with a load of good templates where we create our own brand design. 

  1. The preferred tools we use for external communication for remote sales teams are Zoom, Google Meets, BombBomb and Vidyard

We like to adapt and make it easy for our customers and prospects by using whatever software they want to use. This is why the Jiminny platform integrates with Zoom as well as Google Meets to capture all conversations. Read more about our integrations here.  

When we have meetings most are done via video conferencing like Zoom or Google Meets. They both host over 100 participants (if needed) and can be recorded. 

Sometimes we like to embed video messages in an email to a customer rather than writing lots of text. We feel this is a more personal approach and has a higher open rate than many text-only emails. We love the Gmail integration that video software BombBomb has. The tool lets you record and send videos directly to anyone from your computer or phone and tells you when a person has played your message. Before we needed to increase the amount we used video messaging we also enjoyed using the free version of Vidyard too.

  1. The preferred tool we use for remote prospecting is LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Our team loves LinkedIn and frequently uses it for their own personal social posts and networking. Therefore it makes complete sense to use LinkedIn Sales Navigator for a more advanced company and people search tool. 

  1. The preferred remote tool we use for a professional pitch deck is Pitch

We really like Pitch for how simple it is to make on-brand presentations that you can collaboratively work on with your teammates. The design templates, styles and content are great and easy to edit. We think the software makes our presentations look awesome.

  1. The preferred tool we use for remote Sales Engagement is Intercom

Our customers, sales, customer success and support teams all love Intercoms live chat feature for quick and effective communication. The on-page chat and chatbot tool means we can organize a schedule for 1st responders to help our customers and then have an internal process to direct the query to the relevant team member to help. Intercom also integrates with our CRMs.

  1. The preferred tool we use for remote Sales Training is Zoom

G2 Reviews Zoom as the highest in popularity for “best virtual classroom software” and that’s why we use it too. Remote online sales training, whether it be for onboarding new people or developing your sales team needs functional and interactive tools to make it as good (if not better) than a physical environment. Zoom allows us to be able to use video, chat, breakout rooms, share screens and more to make it a great learning experience.

If you want to learn more about delivering remote training read on here.

  1. The preferred analytics tool we use for remote sales teams is Jiminny

Jiminny is the source of truth for all your customer conversations. We record, transcribe and analyze your calls & meetings in real-time so you can capture every data point important to your business and have the insights to help your team win together.

But don’t believe what we say, see here why our customers love using this for conversational intelligence and analytics.

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