When to coach and when to train: know the difference


Every organization needs both elements of training and coaching. In short, coaching is an ongoing activity with each of your salespeople designed to keep everyone reaching their potential and staying on track. Training is often used for specific and one-time events. Sales Leaders can create a great structure for their sales teams when they understand when to coach and when to train by understanding the key differences.

Want to know more about how to start sales coaching? Then watch this video below and read further down to find out more.

What is the difference between training and coaching?

Essentially, training is about transferring knowledge while coaching is about enhancing knowledge (or skills). A person can be trained to play the guitar and turn out an acceptable musician, working themselves up the grading system. When they practice their guitar skills they will most probably improve their performance. But consider the impact of coaching from a master guitarist. It will be the wisdom, tricks, and secrets of the coach that will potentially make you stop in your steps and make the musician one of the greats!

Jimi Hendrix

What is included in Sales Training Sessions? 

Recently most sales training sessions have been delivered remotely. Training is often run in a group with other people in the team. The knowledge and skills provided during training can be delivered in an interactive way, encouraging group questions and answers. Or other times the manager will train the group in the form of a presentation. 

Depending on the topic training can be in bite-sized sessions structured over a week, monthly or quarterly. Training is often done a lot during the early days of someone's employment. However, continuous training throughout a person’s career can help with work progression and career development. Especially when keeping up to date with the latest trends and skills. Therefore, training should be encouraged as an ongoing company strategy to keep the workforce fresh, engaged and current!

3 areas to train your team in 2021

  • How to make a delivery discovery call on video meeting: The novelty of virtual meetings has worn off in the past year, but they are likely to be here to stay, even as in-person events return. Participants have found value of conducting their discovery calls via video. With a large percentage of organizations offering flexible or blended working scenarios after COVID-19 it's important to learn how to excel using these methods.
  • How to prepare for a sales meeting when working remotely: People who work remotely must learn to create routines to encourage collaboration. Some key considerations on how to structure and prepare your virtual sales meeting are crucial to help you succeed.
  • Tips and tactics to help process and prospect sales leads: Using advanced sales tools and techniques is crucial for sales and marketing teams to turn prospects into paying customers.

Use some of Jiminny’s fun training games to play with your team here

What is included in Sales Coaching Sessions?

Sales Coaching can also be done remotely or in person but is generally done one-to-one rather than in a group. The coaching sessions are development-focused and orientated towards career development and reaching personal sales goals. Coaching sessions are used to improve sales performance and changing behavior. The session can be more informal and less structured depending on the individual and allows time for self-coaching, feedback and critical thinking.

3 sales coaching topics in 2021

  • How to set character goals with your sales reps: Watch this video to find out how character building is the fuel that drives the process to impact results.
  • How to get the most from coaching your sales teams calls: Using key coaching strategies to inspire & lead your sales team to success.
  • How to overcome common roadblocks that stop your progress: Identifying your roadblocks can put you back on the road to progress. All day long, we face roadblocks that stop us and can get in the way of productivity.

Finding the Right Platform For Your Sales Training and Coaching

The lists above of sales training and coaching topics are only the starting point. Having a good process and the right sales intelligence tools can make sure that the training and coaching sessions are understood and insightful for present and future sales teams. 

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