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You can't coach what you can't see.

Coaching starts with visibility of performance

Bringing together a Video Conference, Dialer & SMS, Jiminny is your 3 in 1 comms tool. Capturing and recording every customer interaction across the sales cycle, your team’s performance has never been this visible.

Jiminny is your ‘Spotify’ for sales calls

No time wasted searching & downloading calls,  you can easily find and stream any call at anytime through On Demand, your searchable library of sales activity.

Transcribe, search and save time with Voice AI

Transcribes your calls instantly after the meetings are finished. Search specific moments in the call to spend time coaching where it matters.

Coach when and where it matters with Live Coaching

Support each other in the most crucial moments with live coaching through a private chat feature within Jiminny.

Your buyer was excited when you mentioned next steps!

Imagine knowing on a sales call how your buyer was responding beyond what they were saying? Where were they confused? Unengaged? Or super excited? Using Emotion AI we can detect non verbal communication to help you coach your reps based on how your buyer is engaging throughout the call.

Coaching HotSpots™

Combine conversation and emotion analysis with your CRM data for a well rounded view of your team’s performance to identify coachable moments.

Every call needs a plan

Keep meeting objectives top of mind during every sales call by embedding your playbook directly into your Video Conference & Dialer.

Your rep said ‘the meeting went great’ but what did the prospect think?

As soon as a rep finishes a meeting via the Jiminny Video Conference we capture feedback on how the meeting went directly from your sales prospect. Jiminny makes it possible to allow customer opinion to help you gauge the quality of the sales opportunity and provide real time feedback on your product and service with NPS for reps.


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