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The voice of your customer is powerful.

Use it to align your business and drive it forward.

Share the knowledge with insights seats

Available to any team outside of sales, the whole business can learn from what's happening on the sales floor:

  • Listen to calls live
  • Join calls as a guest to support
  • Listen to calls from automated playlists
  • Highlight & feedback on calls

Keep close to your hottest deals

Anyone can track the life cycle of an opportunity to learn how a deal’s progressing and support along the way with the ‘follow’ feature.


To spark the imagination in sales people

The one about the 3rd text

They said yes! Brilliant.

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The one about the weather

Almost all discovery calls that take place today around the world will start in the same way. ...

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The one about the wrong targets

It’s your first week as an SDR. You’ve got a target to book 5 meetings.

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