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With every inch of design we ask ourselves

“How can we help a salesperson spend more time selling?”

3 Communications tools. 1 Platform

Jiminny is the first platform to bring together Video Conferencing, Dialer & SMS  into one place. Sales people waste up to 1 hr each day managing tools. Give your team one platform, one way of working for increased productivity. 

Want great CRM data whilst saving your reps 90 mins per week?

With our CRM integration, all the important sales data can be captured without ever leaving Jiminny, making it easy to:

  • Log new contacts
  • Record meeting notes
  • Update tasks
  • Log buyer intent
  • Change opp stages
  • Schedule follow up

Jiminny goes where you go

Jiminny can be accessed from your CRM, Inbox, Calandar, LinkedIn and on mobile, keeping your team in their natural workflow to work smarter.


To spark the imagination in sales people

The one about the 3rd text

They said yes! Brilliant.

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The one about the weather

Almost all discovery calls that take place today around the world will start in the same way. ...

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The one about the wrong targets

It’s your first week as an SDR. You’ve got a target to book 5 meetings.

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