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See the big picture

Stay connected to clients and seamlessly track activity by connecting to your CRM.


Smarter insights

Remove the guesswork for managers. Let your customers and your data do the talking.


Power up your team

Leverage Jiminny for personal development, collaboration and onboarding.

Improve conversion rates

Save time prepping by having every interaction in one place and easily find the deals that matter to you.

Book more meetings

Review your calls in minutes and stay focused on closing deals, while Jiminny does the rest.

Keep growing

Analyze your sales performance and request feedback on specific parts of your sales game.

Qualify your meetings with ease

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Find every interaction in one place.

Capturing customer conversations has never been easier. Record, transcribe and analyze every meeting on Jiminny. Review all client interactions to do your research easily or follow the lead and see how others do it.


Increase in meetings booked using Jiminny

“Our conversion rate is greater as we are no longer relying on notes, and we can re-listen to a point in the conversation to have the answer prospects are looking for.”

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Accelerate learning, boost conversions


Pinpoint where you can easily improve.

Jiminny highlights key information such as next steps and competitor mentions in each call so you pickup everything. Find the reasons you win and lose and use team reports to see how you match up.

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"Since using Jiminny, within our SDR function we have seen a 50% increase in number of meetings booked month-to-month as well as seeing an increase in meeting acceptance despite tougher qualification methods coming into play."

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Increase in general output

Spend your time where it matters most


No more logging to your CRM. Seriously.

Take time-stamped notes throughout your call and save hours each week as every interaction is logged automatically to your CRM. Jiminny updates deal information, leaving you free to focus on the customer.


Higher conversions using Jiminny

"The ability to find calls and provide coaching live and after the fact has made it an invaluable tool within our arsenal and has given us a better understanding of our deals and where we can improve."

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Make your life as a sales rep easy. See what Jiminny can do.

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We integrate seamlessly with your tools

Have a look at how our customers use our sales intelligence platform effectively alongside their existing sales stack.
Share snippets and full transcripts with your team directly in Slack.
Integrate directly with Zoom and record all meetings seamlessly with
high-quality transcription and full recordings available.
Connect Hubspot to automate data input directly from the source of
the meeting into your CRM for your team.  
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Emily Parker
Director of Sales Development
What we do for our partners

"The most helpful thing about Jiminny is that it allows my reps to seek feedback about their calls without any human interaction. The insights that the Jiminny platform provides to my reps means they get value and support even when I haven't coached that call."

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A virtual assistant for the whole team.

Jiminny goes where you go. Access from your CRM, inbox, calendar, LinkedIn or mobile to fit in with your status quo. Keep your salespeople working smarter and selling more.  

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See for yourself why sales leaders choose Jiminny

CRO, Learnerbly

"Jiminny enables us to record and revisit conversations when we need to. Jiminny and the team are also really friendly, easy to work with, and the customer success team are outstanding. We have also been impressed with the speed at which Jiminny roles out new features. What more could you ask for?"

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