Using Jiminny to grow a
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Helping companies grow. How Informa use Jiminny for visibility of sales performance to develop their reps.

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Amanda Rowell, Head of Commercial Operations and Chris Fowles, Head of Analytics, Sales Operations & Sales Enablement at Informa's Pharma Intelligence division were looking for ways to improve the efficiency of their existing sales team. Informa is a FTSE100 company headquartered in London with over 11,000 employees. With such large teams, ensuring visibility of performance is crucial to sustaining success. After looking at other conversation intelligence tools, Informa chose Jiminny due to the commitment to developing our partnership, helping their sales team become the best version of themselves.

The Challenge

As a multi-billion pound organization that continues to grow, one of the biggest challenges for Amanda, Chris and their team is onboarding and creating libraries that help new starters ramp up as quickly as possible. More recently, during a global pandemic with the Pharma Intelligence team moving remote, getting visibility over performance has been crucial to sustaining success and monitoring progress. Uncovering those 'coaching moments' with a remote sales team has been a high priority. Informa were looking for a tool that complements their existing sales stack and could be easily adopted by their reps. Finding "just another sales tool" wasn't an option, value-add was a must-have. Lastly, as most sales leaders know, coaching is tough. Scaling a sales team means developing practices that work whether you have 1 or 100 employees. Finding those coaching moments and developing winning practices day-in, day-out was a challenge the team were looking to overcome.

The Outcome

As a sales leader, Amanda has been able to utilize Jiminny to free-up time in her working week, getting detailed insights into her reps' calls without having to listen to hours of conversations. With the team working remotely, Jiminny has provided invaluable access to the voice of the customer for the Informa team so sales leaders can keep an eye on developing trends and understand the sentiment in their market. As Chris puts it, "Jiminny supports a culture of continuous improvement" within Informa by providing a platform for reps to be able to share calls and ask for feedback, and helps remove guesswork and assumptions for senior leadership, enabling Chris and Amanda to monitor key areas and improve performance across the board. By working with our Client Success team to help reach their goals, we've been able to develop a partnership that extends way beyond just offering our platform.

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