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The Jiminny Story

My name is Shelley. I make up part of the trio that founded Jiminny in the summer of 2016. The other two that co-founded our business are Tom (he envisioned it) and James (he built it). 

We built Jiminny because sales leadership is tough. This shouldn’t be news to anybody. I love it, but there was a lot that frustrated me. 

I spent 30% of my week coaching, but couldn’t get close enough to my team’s performance to really help them. I had data everywhere, but nothing that could make a meaningful difference. We had so many tools to use that they got in the way. 

Tom and I had led sales teams for years, he understood this better than anyone. So we set out to build a tool that makes coaching as easy as anything else in your business. It needed to be easy-to-use, transparent and collaborative. It also needed to work with the tools you already use. 

We believe voice is the most powerful way to communicate. But when the phone is stuck in a silo, teams waste time logging calls and searching for context when they could be strengthening relationships.

This is where Jiminny steps in. 

Our sales mission

At the start of our journey, we didn’t know what we’d be building, but we have been driven by a core set of beliefs.

Greater sales visibility

Sales teams need to be open and transparent. We bring visibility to sales performance to make coaching easier - just like a soccer coach watching their team play.

Be a rep’s lifeline

We provide all the tools a rep needs to succeed and grow. We want to be ingrained in the daily life of reps that they eat, drink, sleep and use Jiminny without thinking about it.

Stop leaders drowning in data

Often leaders have a lot of unorganised data with no structure to properly manage it. We simplify this problem and provide data in a simple manner that helps guide choices and drive positive change.

Unite sales teams

We aim to encourage collaboration and help salespeople learn together. We often say “why learn at the pace of one person, when you can learn at the pace of a whole team?”

Jiminny Timeline

Jiminny Right Arrow
Jiminny Right Arrow

Jiminny was founded


Jiminny Beta is released and we onboard our first users


We hired our first employees and raised $2m seed funding


Jiminny reaches 1,000 users and 5million calls recorded


Jiminny grows to 23 employees to take us to the next step in our journey


New features coming soon


The values guide us

We want everyone to be the best version of themselves.

The world has become so fast-paced and we have become so consumed by technology - we want people to remember their human side.

Embrace a positive mind, listen to your body, respond to obstacles with determination, develop, grow, and surround yourself with the people that encourage you to do so.

Be Open

Open to learning, to change, to others.

Be inventive

We want people to evolve and create.

Be kind

Be honest, empathetic and respectful to others.

Be brave

Seek adventure, take risks.

Be determined

We focus, we work hard and we win.

Be a hero

A hero to your customer and to your teammates.

Facts and figures

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5-star reviews on G2
Emily Parker
Director of Sales Development
What we do for our partners

"The most helpful thing about Jiminny is that it allows my reps to seek feedback about their calls without any human interaction. The insights that the Jiminny platform provides to my reps means they get value and support even when I haven't coached that call."

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