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Winning more deals starts with building a better sales team. Empower your sales reps to win together with Jiminny: the sales coaching platform that records, transcribes and analyses your team's customer conversations so that you can collaborate, coach and grow effortlessly.

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Capture every interaction.

Jiminny Sidekick is the scalable solution that plugs into your browser, records meetings and feeds data directly to your CRM, saving your reps 90 minutes each week.

"The ability to use best in class call recording has enabled us to record discos, demos, client calls and more."
Jonny Day, CRO at Learnerbly
James Smith

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Emily Brown

Stay close to the conversations.

Complete visibility into every aspect of meetings. Watch as Jiminny extracts key themes that drive deals forward, track as they progress, interact as they happen and much more.

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"Jiminny is one of the most useful tools we have. Visibility over all calls the sales team are making is invaluable whilst the whole team are WFH. It's given us opportunities for coaching, learning and development."
Georgina Beard, Revenue Ops Manager

Intelligent insights

Improve discovery, remove the guesswork and learn faster with Jiminny to gain a competitive edge in conversations. Close deals faster as reps develop based on real customer interactions.

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"I thought we were getting Jiminny to help us with sales call recording and stats. Instead, we ended up getting much more. Jiminny is now powering better decision making across our organization."
Glenn Gaudet, CEO at GaggleAMP

Empower individuals
to grow.

Built for sales reps to thrive, create a culture of winning together with Jiminny. Share winning behaviours with your team and learn from your sales champions. 

"Our sales management team are superfans of Jiminny's coaching tools and out-of-the-box analytics. Real-time coaching and after-call analytics are a game changer."
Matt Damico, Sales Leader at Wix.com


Let’s ask our community…

Here's what our users have to say about Jiminny
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Glenn Gaudet

What Jiminny has done was to take customer and prospect calls out of the single-use category to a rich resource that is shared across the organization in so many different and powerful ways. It's a game-changer!

David Warren
Commercial Director

Jiminny automatically records and transcribes all my calls and Zoom meetings. This saves loads of time, allows me to listen back to calls, and share them with  members of the team. It's an awesome bit of kit, and very useful.

Joe McGuire
Global Sales Director

Simple, intuitive, reliable software with great support. Jiminny's slick integration with Salesforce makes CRM adoption easy. The team love it and it makes my life easy when coaching - especially with my whole team remote.

Jason O'Hare

The best part is the support, Jiminny have amazing people who helped us get set up and made it so easy. Highly recommended alternative to much higher priced products out there.


Connect Jiminny to your favorite apps

With automatic logging and syncing with your CRM, you'll spend less time on admin and more time closing deals. Boost productivity and improve your workflow by integrating Jiminny with the tools you already use. Coaching sales reps has never been easier.

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Designed by salespeople,
built for remote teams.

Build and lead a remote sales team

Get your team setup in minutes with our suite of integrations. Bring your own phone number or use ours with the location of your choice.

Support for 30+ languages

Since our launch, we've transcribed over 10 million calls for teams around the world and offer support for 30 languages including French, Spanish, German, Japanese and Russian. 

Security is at the heart of what we do

We maintain 99.95% uptime on all data and provide a list of regulatory compliances including ISO 27001. All data is encrypted with 256-bit encryption and maintains GDPR compliance.  

Supporting your growth

Our culture at Jiminny is built around being the best version of yourself. We provide extensive support and resources to each customer to ensure that you reach your growth potential. 

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