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Jiminny is the platform for all your customer conversations. Use Automation & AI to help your team grow and develop.


We’re on a mission.

To help ambitious sales teams reach their goals and grow. Here’s how:

Coaching Made Easy
Coaching Made Easy

Never before has your teams performance been this visible across the whole sales cycle. Now you can coach with impact.

Increase Productivity
Increase Productivity

Imagine making your sales rep's job 3 x easier, whilst giving you better data at the same time.

Team Collaboration
Team Collaboration

1 Leader - 10 reps = bad math.

We believe in the power of team and encourage a united culture.

Closer to the Customer
Closer to the Customer

When everyone from marketing, product and finance truly understands your customer, that’s when magic happens.

Join a community of leaders who really care about their people.

What we Believe

Today’s buyer is smarter & more knowledgeable than ever before Our salespeople have to be the same
Sales is about human connections that happen when we are comfortable with who we are Salespeople should be the best versions of themselves
Successful teams balance a healthy competitive spirit with a strong desire to win together They have fun along the way
Obsess about results & we create a short-sighted, fearful culture that lacks progress Obsess about developing our people & the outcome is amazing

The Whistle Blog

Sparking the imagination in sales people

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You coached a rep about not overtalking on sales calls

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The one about movie songs

There’s that song on the radio again.

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The one about winning by losing

  You hate to lose. We get that.

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Mike Azzolino Director of Sales, Buildium
open-quoteI love Jiminny, it helps us pinpoint where reps are excelling and where they need help. Jiminny's platform has empowered team leaders, sales leadership, and other department to efficiently listen to conversations happening on our sales floor at key stages of the sales process.open-quote

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