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The Whistle

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Shelley COO at Jiminny

Buying new sales tech? What does good Salesforce integration look like?

You’ve just bought a new and shiny bit of sales software for your sales team and have been sold...

What are the benefits of having sales reps ‘self-coach’ their own performance?

Self-coaching is the practise of leading yourself to success through unlocking awareness of your...

When it comes to sales coaching, where should you start?

“How do I know where to coach my sales team?” is a common sales coaching challenge I hear. It's...

The one about Gladiators

Sometimes I hear “My team won’t help each other, they’re too focused on their own targets”

The one about irony

You coached a rep about not overtalking on sales calls

The one about movie songs

There’s that song on the radio again.

The one about winning by losing

  You hate to lose. We get that.

The one about the conductor

Imagine the conductor of an orchestra

The one about the 3rd text

They said yes! Brilliant.

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