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Do you want to work in a working sales environment that is positive and fulfilling for everyone, including reps and managers? If yes, then developing ownership for your teams when sales coaching is your answer to making it happen. In this piece, we uncover what ownership means, and why developing ownership creates more driven, motivated, and responsible colleagues - and those things can only bring about true success!


What is ownership and why does it matter?

Ownership means taking responsibility, and not leaving it to someone else. You care about the outcome the same way you would care as an owner of the organisation. When we have a strong sense of ownership, we get a higher level of self-motivation. This is fundamental to doing well in sales. It motivates our drive to succeed and gives us energy to pick ourselves up. Any sales coach or manager surely would agree that self-motivated colleagues are more productive, and therefore likely to be more successful.

It is interesting to know that when we “own it” we are more emotionally attached to the outcome - and to the result. We care more about where we end up, and because of this, we make decisions more thoroughly and responsibly.

Decision makingHow can sales coaching encourage ownership?

  • Do involve the sales rep with decision-making related to their performance. Make it clear to them why their performance is important and where it fits into the bigger picture. Understanding why something is important leads to people doing a better job.
  • Do create an environment where they feel comfortable to be creative and use their initiative. When they can share their ideas without fear or anxiety this will enable them to take responsibility and have more control.
  • Do ask them what tools they need support with to do their job during your sales team training. Knowing they have had input into the process makes them more accountable to their own targets.

Here are some things to avoid when coaching ownership:

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  • Don’t dictate or solve your rep’s problems for them. This will make them rely on you too much and discourages confidence in solving problems for themselves.
  • Don’t micromanage your rep. Instead provide them with time and space to creatively discover answers for themselves. Make sure you factor in time spent on self-investment where they can learn new skills and reflect on things they have done (both well and poor). This can give them a new perspective and energy.

Final thoughts to take away:

If you make ownership a core value at your workplace not only will it bring about successful sales results, but it will also encourage a happy caring team of individuals. These people will behave responsibly, and work to a high standard that you can all be proud of.

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