How To Keep Your Product Demos Fresh in 2021


According to Wyzowl, a market leader in creating explainer videos, 72% of people would rather use video to learn about a product or service. Video marketing with product demos leads to a greater understanding of your product. 

The pandemic has encouraged more businesses to use video to promote or explain their products. A major reason for this is the overwhelming majority of people increasing the amount of video content they watch. 

Having a fantastic product demo video is one of the best ways to speak to your customers who clearly want to see more video content from businesses. 

The most frequently-created types of videos are explainer videos (73%), followed by social media videos (67%), presentation videos (51%), sales videos (41%), and video ads (41%). SOURCE Wyzowl

There are two types of product demos we want to talk about in this blog. 

  1. Public-facing demos that can be more generic in content. There are often shared on companies’ YouTube or Vimeo channels and are perfect to get your product in front of more people.

  1. Private-facing demos that are more bespoke to the prospect and might share more sensitive information that you don’t want to hand out freely to the public (or your competitors)! 

At Jiminny we LOVE to prepare discovery demo videos for our potential customers.

  • They remove all the unwanted YouTube adverts that can distract the customer
  • They can be customized to our clients to make them more relevant and engaging
  • They offer room for interaction between the customer and sales rep
  • They can be tailored towards the needs and wants of the individual
  •  They can promote the important core company features

3 Steps to Plan a Winning Product Demo Video

  1. Decide what you want the video to achieve

Is the aim of the demo to hope the watcher fills in a form to speak to a sales rep for more information? Or by the end of the video should the viewer be wanting to book a trial?  You should always let your prospects know what they need to do once the demo is over. 

  1. Speak to your target audience to hold their attention

Factor in what interests your prospects? How long should the video be so they don’t lose interest?  What the buyer persona of your audience is?  Add content that speaks in a language that resonates with them. 

  1. How to communicate with your audience

Video, animation, audio, captions... There are so many creative ways to structure your message. Find a way to inspire your audience. Identifying the right tone and words that speak your message and goals is key. 

To optimize your sales demo you will need to;

Plan ✍️

Prepare 🗂️

Practice 🤳

Perform 🎭

Practice a well-thought-out script with a consistent easy-to-follow message and see how it rolls with your colleagues.

Don’t forget to ask for feedback from some of your favorite existing customers who can give you the invaluable tips needed to edit and finalize your video.

Then get ready to share on all your socials, YouTube, website, or email for distribution.

It’s much easier to make a great sales demo if you live and breathe the product or service and use it daily! 

Below is one of our favorite public product demo videos

Devon Dalton, Marketing Growth Manager at Jiminny loves the Adobe adverts on YouTube. 

Devon says; “What really drew me to this video was that it was so vibrant and stylized - the colors of the hummingbird sparked the kid in me that loved using as many bright and pretty colors as I could to bring the drawings in my coloring books to life. What made me love it, even more, was that replicating this was so achievable - it’s so easy to follow that it makes you want to try it for yourself, and inspires you to want to design.”

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