Conversation Intelligence and Buyer Centricity - a Winning Combination (Month in Review)


This month at Jiminny we’ve been talking about buyer centricity and conversation intelligence. We found that both lead to greater performance, an optimised customer experience and higher win rates. So it's not surprising that customer-centric organisations that leverage conversation intelligence see even greater results. Let’s look back at this month’s content to see what we mean.

Buyer centricity increases win rates

There’s a strong link between high-performance sales organisations and customer-centricity. These businesses typically see 6.8% higher win rates. Plus focusing on the customer improves the customer experience and reduces overall churn.

Buyer centricity starts with a business-wide understanding of how important it is to discern the customer’s needs, wants, and communications preferences throughout the buying process. The next step is an organisational shift from focusing on promoting a product to providing a solution best suited to each buyer. In our article, Increase Win Rates by 7% with Buyer Centricity, you can learn more about what team members can do to become more customer-focused.

Conversation Intelligence boosts productivity

Gartner calls conversation intelligence “a game-changer for sales enablement” for a good reason. It is a huge timesaver that boosts performance. The transcriptions and AI analyses generated by conversation intelligence streamline performance-boosting processes.

Conversation intelligence helps businesses improve their sales process, forecasting, coaching, and onboarding. Plus, this technology makes it easier for everyone on the team to stay on the same page or get up to speed quickly. This improves the customer experience while increasing the team’s ability to close deals and retain happy customers. Learn more about conversation intelligence and how businesses use it in our article “Conversation Intelligence 101: What it is and How to Use It”.

Conversation Intelligence facilitates buyer centricity

Our new success story, “Cylentium x Jiminny”, is a perfect example of how conversation intelligence facilitates buyer centricity. Cylentium’s CEO Wayne Ronhaar explained how Jiminny has become essential for day-to-day data capturing, enabling them to delight and impress customers.

Jiminny frees Wayne’s team from taking notes so they can focus on conversations with customers. Recordings, transcriptions, and AI capabilities make it easy for them to recall details of past conversations. Plus, they’re able to search conversation histories to gain added context around specific terms to gain deeper insights as needed. 

Social selling honours buyer preferences

Buyers today prefer to do their research online before engaging directly with a sales rep. Social selling honours this preference while enabling buyer-centric reps to connect with prospects, nurture a relationship, and support the buying process. So, it isn’t surprising that LinkedIn found 78% of social sellers outsell peers who don’t use social media and social selling leaders are 51% more likely to reach quota.

Our article How to Social Sell Without Being a Nuisance offers 11 curated social selling tips from sales experts to help reps be the best they can be on social media.


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