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“Best in class sales tool”

5 gold stars

The support Jiminny offer is beyond world class. The tool has been invaluable, particularly with the sales team working remotely. It has allowed us to keep control of our quality of output, onboard new staff efficiently and sustain a level of collaboration that I never thought was possible.

James Lewendon
5 gold stars
4.7 rating out of 5.0


"One of the most useful tools we have"

"We have visibility over all calls the team are making, which is invaluable whilst the whole team are WFH. We've also seen an increase in accuracy of meeting logging as these are done directly from the platform."

Georgina Beard

Revenue Ops Manager


Super valuable features for analysis

"Jiminny gives us valuable information to understand client pain points and analyse them together. Being able to join calls in coaching mode gives us a great chance to see how reps handle objections and utilise our sales playbook."

Kevin Paiser

Global Head of Sales
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"Powerful, innovative and transformational"

"Jiminny has been instrumental in achieving our mission to become a more data-driven organisation across both the Sales and Customer Success teams. Quite simply, using Jiminny, the team are more productive and more accountable for the work they do."

Andy Hill

Head of Customer Success


Game changing tool to help with efficiency.

"I can quickly catch up on previous communication with a lead. It's so beneficial as a sales rep because I'm not only saving time, but am also able to constantly work on enhancing my pitch or closing techniques."

Kathryn Jordan

Outbound Sales Manager
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"Our team are super fans of the coaching tools"

"Our sales executives are tracking trending analytics closely in Jiminny and have the ability to dig into all of our demo calls for additional feedback. Jiminny has filled in gaps that we didn't know we had."

Matt Damico

Salesforce Administrator


"Great coaching platform"

"Jiminny helps me deliver in-depth coaching for my team and ensures that we have a quick and easy platform to review and score our sales teams calls. We are now able to get a full picture of how well our team are performing and areas that we can improve and work on."

Mike Day

Business Development Manager
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World-class support to help you grow

"I have a remote sales team across the nation and sharing nuggets of good sales info is tough. Jiminny has allowed us to easily share real time clips of good sales responses and also troublesome spots. Their customer service is the best I have from any other vendor."

Russell Esquivel
VP of Sales, Professional Diversity Network
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Our customers love Jiminny

“Simple, intuitive, reliable software with great support. Jiminny combines click to dial, screen share and call recordings while having a slick integration with Salesforce that makes CRM adoption easy. The team love it and it makes my life easy when coaching - especially with my whole team remote.”

Joe McGuire, Global Sales Director


Always over-delivering

"We have joined Jiminny about a year ago now, and it keeps on over-delivering. And to top it all, their support is just so on it, is incredible. Our onboarding process now is way faster, for both Sales and CS. Also, our conversion rate is greater as you are not relying on notes anymore."

Marco Gentili
Account Executive at Swogo
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